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Steve Bendzak, Outsourced VP of Sales

 As an Outsourced VP of Sales, Steve helps companies launch, expand, and improve sales operations to drive revenue growth.  Steve builds sales teams for high-growth and sustainable revenue streams.  The objectives are clearly focused on exceeding top line sales goals while building value through profitable initiatives.  Steve’s strengths align with a clear understanding of how a disciplined and strategic sales process can deliver measurable sales, ensure accountability, and strengthen culture.   Steve leads and executes while building a sales team’s best practices by aligning activities and behaviors in a process to achieve results and deliver upon the big picture.

 About Steve

 Steve is an accomplished executive with 30 years of sales leadership, business development, and modern marketing experience.  He has bootstrapped the launch of three successful brands in the private sector and sold the businesses to new partners, re-launched a 150 year old brand to secure the most significant sales growth in history, guided two turn-arounds increasing EBITDA from the low single digits to low double digits, secured sales growth to be awarded the Inc. 500’s fastest growing privately held company (3 X’s) and delivered the highest percentage of profit within a $7B public enterprise amongst 93 brands.  Steve is a gifted and passionate agent of change who strategically leverages data to proactively attain measurable and predictable revenue.  He is skilled in evaluating, creating, and re-designing teams to inspire an environment of performance and the commitment to reach new heights of business achievements.

 How Steve has Helped Businesses Grow

  • Built Go-To-Market strategies in the US, Canada, Europe, Japan, Mexico, Latin America & Australia
    • Hired, trained, and managed 100’s of sales professionals in global consumer product sales in 77 countries
    • Created sales, distribution, and product expansion plans on 5 successful mergers and acquisitions
  • Strategic Planning:
    • Ensures that culture and vision are in alignment to establish consistency and pride
    • Creation and implementation of product, sales, and marketing Key Performance Indicators
    • Lead the Jarden Inc. Sales and Marketing Summit to share best practices with 93 brands of a $7B public corporation – resulting in collaboration across industries, innovation, and lucrative spin-offs
  • Operational excellence:
    • Built CRM platforms to ensure accountability, provide sales visibility on leading indicators, and deliver consistent reporting for management and financial institutions 
    • Created Shop-n-Shop retail environments in over 450 locations with 4 brands increasing average sales by 150% per location ($35M Annual Recurring Revenue)
  • Re-structure:
    • Increased EBITDA from 6% to 14%, gross margin from 33% to 48% & sales growth of 27%
    • Reduced employee turnover by 30% & grew sales from $27M to $53M in 3 years by reestablishing culture with a keen focus on heritage, innovation, and sales operations
  • Built sales and service teams in Bozeman-MT & Guadalajara-MX for serial SaaS start-up legend 

 Steve is a dedicated husband and proud father of three young adults, a couple dogs and a cat, and he loves to share and create traditions revolving around activities outdoors and in the kitchen enjoying music, dancing, and laughter.

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